Two new satirical sites popped up on FB after SMRT Ltd (Feedback) remains inaccessible

SINGAPORE - One claims to be a non-profit outfit so official that they have got the authorities on their tail while another, a transport company, chose to call itself "officially official".

Two new satirical Facebook pages have popped up since Thursday morning to claim the title of Singapore's most popular troll site - SMRT Ltd (Feedback) - after the real deal continued to be down since Wednesday night.

Between the two new sites, the non-profit outfit called SMRT Ltd - Feedback is winning, as of 5pm on Thursday. The page, which has a vandalised photo of President Tony Tan Keng Yam as its profile picture, garnered more than 3,500 likes in five hours. The other, named SMRT Feedback, is lagging with about 2,300 likes over 12 hours.

Both have started name-dropping to reel in the crowds. Mentions of Xiaxue, Anton Casey and Jover Chew are used to provoke comments and conversation.

But the real winner may be a tribute page named We Will Miss "SMRT Ltd - Feedback" page with 5,470 likes in about 18 hours.

Guess a moment of silence trumps all that noise.

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