Two men convicted of punching car washer in a spat over a $2 discount

A man was sentenced to five weeks' jail while another was fined $3,000 for punching a car washer over a $2 discount.

Manager Mohamed Jefri Mohamed Derus was allowed to defer his jail sentence until April 7 and delivery driver Abdul Razak Umar allowed to pay $1,000 first, with the balance by April 7.

The two men, both 32, pleaded guilty to punching Chinese national Li Lei, 30, at the SPC petrol station at Havelock Road at about 1.40am on April 10 last year. Jefri also pleaded guilty to driving his BMW car towards Mr Li in a rash manner.

The court heard that Jefri had driven his car to the car wash kiosk of the petrol station and left it there for Mr Li to wipe it dry, after alighting with Abdul Razak and another passenger.

A while later, Jefri asked the victim how much was the car wash service and was told it was $8. He asked for a discount of $2 but the victim said the price was fixed.

After paying, Jefri entered his car without closing the car door.

Mr Li was walking over to attend to a taxi that had just driven through the car wash when Jefri called out to him and asked if he was unhappy. Mr Li denied this. Jefri then got out from his car and pushed the victim on the chest and punched him on the cheek, causing a cut on the bottom left corner of his lips.

Mr Li took out his mobile phone to call the police. Abdul Razak got down and tried to dissuade him but the victim ignored him.

After calling the police, Mr Li told them not to leave as the police were coming. Abdul Razak then pushed the victim on the chest and gave him a punch on the cheek. The victim lost his balance and ended up on the floor beside the car.

When Jefri reversed the car so that he could drive off, the victim stood in front of the car to prevent him from leaving.

Despite seeing the victim standing there, Jefri released the brake pedal and the car moved forward. Its bonnet came into contact with Mr Li's legs. Due to the motion, Mr Li had to lean against the bonnet while he was still standing and was carried away on the bonnet for a short distance before he rolled off.

The victim was not hurt and did not seek any medical treatment after the incident.

Jefri has a previous conviction for causing hurt in 2012.

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