Two-day ComChest roadshow aims to raise $400,000

A roadshow for the Community Chest was launched on Saturday, with the goal of raising more than $400,000 over the two-day event.

Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob kickstarted the 'Great 400km Pedal Challenge' by pedalling for 15 minutes on a staionary bike.

This is a key activity at the Give A Hand! roadshow, which is held at the Ang Mo Kio Hub from 11am to 9pm this weekend. The public can join in with a $2 donation, and corporate partners of the ComChest will pledge $1 for every metre cycled.

The public can also participate in experiential activities at the roadshow, such as blindfold archery and a wheelchair obstacle course, which requires one to navigate a ramp, a narrow path and uneven ground and complete a series of tasks while seated in a wheelchair.

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