Two pedestrians almost get hit after two cars collide at Bedok road junction


SINGAPORE - Two pedestrians at a Bedok traffic junction were left stunned after they were nearly hit by two cars involved in a collision on Monday morning (Sept 3).

The video was uploaded on Facebook on Monday night by taxi driver Felix Chan, who said the incident happened at about 8.35am at the junction of Bedok North Avenue 3 and New Upper Changi Road.

In the clip, the two pedestrians - a woman and a boy in school uniform - are seen waiting to cross the junction while carrying umbrellas in the rain.

A maroon station wagon making a right turn in front of them is then hit by a grey sedan, which veers towards the pedestrians, who manage to edge away in time.

However, the station wagon continues to move ahead and past the pedestrians, almost colliding with Mr Chan's taxi, which is stationary at the junction.

The two pedestrians are visibly shaken after the incident as they survey the damaged cars.

Mr Chan, 54, who had a female passenger in his taxi at the time, told The Straits Times that he even braced himself for impact, and was very relieved the pedestrians were not hit.

"My eyes were on the boy as I was very concerned that something would happen to him," said Mr Chan, who noticed that the boy was in a jovial mood and playing with his umbrella before the footage was taken.

ST understands that no major injuries were reported on the incident.