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My car has a touchscreen display on the dashboard. It is easy to use and the graphics are sharp. However, the shiny gloss black screen is blemished by fingerprints. How do I clean the fingerprints and what can I do to prevent such marks?

Fingerprint marks on the touchscreen are unavoidable no matter how well you clean your hands.

As such, you will just have to keep cleaning the screen. Where possible, use the steering-mounted controls to access the menu so you minimise touching the screen.

If and when you do decide to clean the screen, never wipe with a dry cloth. In fact, do not even wipe with a wet cloth before brushing off all the dust that has settled on the screen.

A cleaning kit, which you can buy from most computer shops and consists of a soft brush, cleaning liquid and micro-fibre cloth, would be ideal.

Brush off all the dust on and around the screen, then spray some of the cleaner directly onto the screen. Then wipe the entire screen until it is dry and shiny.

There are some screen films that are supposedly fingerprint-resistant. These matt-finish "protectors" diminish some of the display's original clarity and while it may appear that no fingerprints are left behind, the truth is they are just a little less obvious.

The best way to totally avoid touching the screen with your fingers is to use a rubber-tipped stylus pen. It does not leave marks, but can be inconvenient and a bit tricky to use, especially while on the move.

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