SMRT to have Chinese representative in each dorm

SMRT is open to the idea of nominating bus drivers from China in each of the dormitories to represent their fellow countrymen and colleagues to provide feedback to its management, said the company's chief executive Desmond Kuek.

Mr Kuek, who made his first appearance on Friday since returning from leave, gave this update in his first comments on the strike earlier this week.

Following a visit to the workers' dorms at Serangoon in the morning, he noted that the conditions of the dorms could "certainly be better".

During the visit, he spoke to some of the bus service leaders to learn more about their concerns. This was followed by a trip to the Ang Mo Kio bus depot to monitor the bus operations there.

He said that the transport operator is managing the morale of the other drivers after news of the four arrests broke out.

"It is unfortunate that this incident has happened. It shows that more needs to be done by the management to proactively manage and engage our service leaders."

But despite the tumultuous turn of events, the drivers have given the assurance that they will continue to be devoted to their duties, added Mr Kuek.