SMRT launches Star Wars-themed trains and buses

SINGAPORE - SMRT has launched Singapore's first intergalactic Star Wars concept trains and buses on Tuesday (Dec 15), in a tie-up with Disney.

The launch is in line with the world premiere of the latest instalment of the series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The movie premieres in Singapore at 12.01am on Thursday (Dec 17).

The Star Wars-themed trains will travel along the North-South and East-West lines, while the buses will ply central routes.

Commuters who are not boarding the concept trains or buses can still soak in the Star Wars experience.

Meals and licensed character merchandise from upcoming Star Wars movies and games will be sold at SMRT's pop-up store, Pop In, located at the basement of Raffles Xchange.

Meanwhile, the platform of Raffles Place MRT will also be transformed into an intergalactic battlefield of Dark v Light sides of the Force.

"This Christmas, we are excited to partner Disney to bring an intergalactic Star Wars experience into our transport and retail networks. We welcome the launch of the Star Wars trains where commuters and fans can travel in intergalactic style this Christmas," said SMRT Commercial's managing director Dawn Low.

SMRT Roads managing director Benny Lim said: "Our bus captains are very excited to welcome the Star Wars-themed buses into our depots and cannot wait to launch them into service. Many have asked for their buses and service routes to be selected, so that they can drive a 'Light' or 'Dark' side of the Force bus to surprise their regular commuters, many of whom have become friends over the years."