SMRT CEO makes appearance at Serangoon dorm

For the first time since more than a hundred bus drivers from China went on strike on Monday and Tuesday, SMRT chief executive Desmond Kuek made an appearance today at the Serangoon dormitory which houses some of them and spoke to his employees.

He had been on leave since the strike earlier this week.

He arrived at the dorm with about six SMRT executives in a cab at 1pm and spent half an hour inside, speaking to some drivers who were there.

One driver said he was there to understand the conditions of the dorm.

On Monday, 171 Chinese drivers did not show up for work, citing unhappiness over unfair wages and poor living conditions. The next day, 88 of them did not work. They returned to work on Wednesday.

Four of the drivers who instigated the strike were charged in court on Thursday and remanded a week for further investigations.