SMRT bus drivers say they are unhappy with pay, living conditions

Salary and cramped living conditions - SMRT's bus drivers from mainland China who didn't turn up for work on Monday told The Straits Times that these are their main grouses.

Early on Monday, 102 of them - and not about 200 as earlier reported - didn't turn up for work.

Some drivers living in a dormitory in Serangoon joined others at a Woodlands dormitory to express their unhappiness.

An SMRT spokesman said Monday night that talks between management and the drivers started in the morning and ended at about 6 pm, and they "will be returning to work tomorrow".

Workers said SMRT told them that the salary issue will be decided in a week.

SMRT said some services were affected because of the no-show, and apologised to the public for the inconvenience caused.