Singapore Airlines flight diverted to Dubai due to engine issue

Singapore Airlines aircraft sit at Changi Airport in Singapore.
Singapore Airlines aircraft sit at Changi Airport in Singapore. PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

SINGAPORE - A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight was diverted to Dubai on Tuesday (Nov 29) morning due to an engine issue.

Flight SQ336, from Singapore to Paris, was diverted to Dubai "as a result of a technical issue with one of the aircraft's four engines", said an SIA spokesman.

Originally scheduled to reach Paris at 7.10am (Paris time), it landed in Dubai at around 4.20am (Dubai time).

"As engineers on ground require time to address the technical issue, a replacement aircraft is being deployed to Dubai to transport passengers to Paris," added SIA.

The flight is expected to leave Dubai around 4.20pm (8.20pm in Singapore) for Paris, making it around 13 and a half hours behind schedule from the original flight.

This is the latest incident involving flights to or from Singapore.

On Saturday (Nov 26), Scoot flight Flight TZ001 from Sydney to Singapore was about 40 minutes from its destination when passengers heard a loud sound before seeing sparks fly from the engine on the plane's right wing.

And on Nov 8, a Tigerair flight departing Macau for Singapore turned back due to an engine issue which affected cabin pressure.

It had been the third incident in four days for Tigerair. On Nov 5, a "bird strike" caused a flight from Hong Kong to turn back, while on Nov 7, passengers were delayed for five hours at Changi Airport due to two switches in aircraft.