Public transport fare revision: How will it affect you?

SINGAPORE - Most card-paying adult commuters will pay four or five cents more for each bus and train ride from April 5. For short trips, the hikes are just two or three cents. The revision is part of an overall 2.8 per cent rise in fares that the Public Transport Council announced on Janusary 21.

Here is a summary of the latest fare revision:

  • Adult fares up two to five cents per trip
  • Student fares to increase by one cent 
  • No change in senior citizen fares
  • Prices of monthly concession passes to stay
  • New off-peak monthly travel pass
  • 250,000 public transport vouchers for needy families
  • Fares may be cut by 1 per cent next year

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1. Who will be affected by the fare hikes?

Most adult commuters will pay between two and five cents more for each bus and train ride from April 5, as part of an overall 2.8 per cent rise in fares. But 1.1 million people, including senior citizens and commuters with handicap, will not see a fare rise. 

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2. How are public transport fares decided?

Public transport fares are determined using a fare formula that takes into account transport operators' costs and productivity, energy costs, core inflation and wages.The Public Transport Council reviews transport fares annually. 

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3. Why are fares going up when oil prices are coming down?

This is because there is a long time lag between factors that justify an adjustment, and the actual adjustment. 

This year's exercise was based on 2013 figures, using changes in consumer price index, average wage and energy index from that year. The reason for this was that full-year 2014 figures were not yet available when the Public Transport Council deliberated on the latest application by the operators for an adjustment.

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4. How does the new off-peak monthly pass work?

In a bid to get more commuters to travel outside the peak hours, a new off-peak monthly travel pass will be available from July 5. For $80 a month, commuters will get unlimited travel on buses and trains during off-peak hours on weekdays, and throughout the day on weekends and public holidays.

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5. What do transport operators do with the additional revenue from the fare increase?

The latest round of fare revision will result in SBS Transit and SMRT Corp raking in $48.5 million more in revenue each year. But each will have to contribute to the Public Transport Fund to help needy families cope with the fare hikes.

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