Posh rides at lower prices with GrabCar Premium

GrabCar Premium offers classy, comfy rides at affordable prices.
GrabCar Premium offers classy, comfy rides at affordable prices.

If you feel like pampering yourself with a more luxurious ride, there has never been a better time to use GrabCar Premium.

And classy does not have to be limited to special occasions. You can take them on your daily work commute, treat your date with a more elegant ride and head out to town every night in style. Make no mistake; you will impress.

With a fleet of luxury vehicles at very affordable prices, it is a great time to switch to a fancy ride.

Putting it to the test

To test out this service, I booked a GrabCar Premium ride after a social gathering one night.

Unsure of what to expect, I stood on the pavement and looked out eagerly for my ride.

Thankfully, I did not have to wait long — my driver arrived within two minutes.

A glistening Mercedes Benz made a smooth turn from the main road, sliding effortlessly into position beside me. I was not disappointed.

The car was spotless, and I could see my reflection on its sleek, black exterior.

Admittedly, I checked my phone twice to make sure that this beautiful vehicle was all mine for the duration of the drive.

Unrivalled comfort

Stepping into the vehicle, I immediately noticed how well-polished the seats were.

An air freshener made the car smell pleasant — nothing too overpowering, simply a mellow fragrance.

My driver was friendly and considerate, making conversation when I spoke to him. Otherwise, he was quiet when I needed to lean back and rest for a bit.   

I also noticed some bottled water in the door compartments, and when I asked him whom they were for, he simply replied: “You, if you need them.”

Coincidentally, I was feeling rather thirsty, so I gladly accepted and opened a small bottle.

Cruising in style

The smooth ride was probably the best part of the experience.

A winning combination of good driving and a well-maintained, top-class vehicle made for a slick, comfortable drive.

For someone who tends to get carsick easily, the fact that I felt completely at ease in a vehicle is probably the highest praise I can pay the driver.  

I spent most of the ride admiring the finesse of my driver. The transition from gliding on the roads to a full stop at the traffic lights was nothing short of remarkable.

With a vehicle like this, you almost feel like you are cruising in the air.

Regardless of humps or rough gravel, the car effortlessly slid over the road, and I did not sense a single bump during the ride.

The strengths of a car shine through its performance, much more so than how it looks. In this case, I was definitely impressed.

Upon arriving at my destination, I thanked the driver for the pleasant ride, and he nodded quietly and waved as he took off.

The driver’s ability to read my mood was, quite frankly, refreshing. Noticing I preferred a comfortable silence, he quickly adapted to suit my needs.

The ride checked off all the things I was expecting: a considerate driver, a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as convenience.

Affordable luxuries

Riding in a luxury car is an eye-opening experience.

To allow more customers to enjoy elegant rides on a regular basis, Grab has revised GrabCar Premium prices.

For comparison, the previous rate per km was $1.80, whereas it has now been reduced to $0.75. That means you get a much better value for money when you ride long distances.

The minimum fare is now at $7.50 instead of $15, and the revised base fare is $3.75 rather than $5.

A fleet of luxury vehicles such as the BMW 5 series and Audi A6 ensures that you can ride in style and comfort.

The size of your party is accounted for too; book a 6-seater Premium when hosting a larger group of friends, or simply pick the standard GrabCar Premium option for a four-seater.

With a more affordable price point now, it is definitely worth checking out.

Don’t take it from me, though; try it out for yourself.

Promotion deals

Use the promo code STVIP for $6 OFF any time between June 14 to 30, 2017. The code is valid for the four-seater GrabCar Premium only, and is open to both new and existing users.

The code is capped at 500 redemptions per day, and is only valid for certain locations.

For a list of valid locations and further details, visit this website.

Download the Grab mobile app to start using the GrabPremium codes.