NTWU says it can't act for SMRT's bus workers from PRC

The National Transport Workers' Union (NTWU) has issued a press statement on the SMRT bus drivers' dispute. The union said that it does not have the legal mandate to represent the PRC bus workers of SMRT as they are not union members.

"We urge these workers to return to work immediately as public transport is an essential service for the members of the public. They should approach the Ministry of Manpower or Migrant Workers Centre for assistance," it said in its statement.

"We also urge the workers and management to work together to resolve their disagreement. NTWU is prepared to help in the discussions, if the two parties welcome the involvement of the union. We hope matters can be resolved as soon as possible so as to minimize impact on commuters and other SMRT workers who have to put in extra hours to cover the duties of those who do not show up for work," NTWU said.