New sites will 'shed light on commuting behaviour'

A cycling path along Pasir Ris Dr 10 which is badly constructed because the bollards impede cyclists' movement.
A cycling path along Pasir Ris Dr 10 which is badly constructed because the bollards impede cyclists' movement.PHOTO: ST FILE

Besides the Jurong Lake District, Marina Bay-City Centre and Tampines and Pasir Ris have been selected as potential sites for a large-scale bicycle-sharing pilot led by the Government.

The two new areas will offer insights into different types of commuting behaviour, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said.

It will call a tender today for proposals on running the bicycle-sharing scheme, which aims to increase the popularity of cycling as a commuting option in the three areas.

An LTA spokesman said Tampines-Pasir Ris was chosen for its mixed residential, industrial and commercial use.

"This means that the frequency of trips for these residential towns may be high, especially at certain hours, for example, (in the) morning, evening peak and lunch hours, as commuters may use the bicycle-sharing to commute (to) home/work or run errands."

In comparison, bicycle usage is expected to be more evenly distributed throughout the day in the Marina Bay and city centre areas.

Docking stations for this area will be at key transport nodes and amenities, and tourist attractions such as Gardens by the Bay.

"This will expand the parts of the city one can access quickly and easily, and hence provide a flexible, convenient and fun commute for both tourists and Singaporeans... This may translate to less frequent but longer bicycle-sharing trips," said the spokesman.

Bicycle-sharing usage may also be more consistent on weekends or in the wee hours of the night, the LTA said.

Ms Charlene Poon, 30, who works in Tampines, said implementing bicycle sharing may encourage some to give up their cars, leading to a greener living environment.

"But some may not want to cycle because of the heat. Also, few workplaces have shower facilities," the communications manager said.

Adrian Lim

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