New per-minute motorbike parking charges to save money for delivery riders

SINGAPORE - Motorcyclists making brief stays in car parks are set to benefit from a new 'per-minute' charging system to be introduced on Tuesday.

Currently bikers pay a flat rate of 65 cents for each day or night parking session, regardless of how many times they enter or leave the car park in that period.

However, under the new system they will be charged 0.3 cents per minute - equal to 20 cents an hour - up to a maximum cap of 65 cents per parking session.

Profile of a despatch rider who works 20 days a month and makes five trips daily to HDB/URA carparks, spending 15 minutes each time. -- SOURCE: HDB/URA

The scheme will be of particular benefit to despatch riders, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said in a blog post on Monday.

The Housing Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority scheme will be operated at more than 500 of their car parks using the Electronic Parking System (EPS).

"This will particularly benefit the delivery riders," said Mr Khaw. "They will pay less than before, much less.

"Because they may cover several car parks, they can still chalk up considerable parking charges. Apparently, they bear these charges themselves, and not their employers."

A joint statement by HDB and URA said a despatch motorcyclist who makes five trips to these car parks daily for 20 days a month, with each trip lasting 15 minutes, can save about $720 per year under the new parking charges.

Mr Khaw also suggested that the employers of despatch riders could further play a part by "taking on some of the parking charges incurred" by their employees.

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