Goodbye soon to two bungalows and a post office

The owners of two bungalows are preparing to say goodbye to their homes, which will be knocked down to make way for the new Thomson Line.

They have a year and a half left before they have to move out when the Government acquires the properties.

Mrs Grace Young, 90, is disappointed at the prospect of leaving the three-storey bungalow in Robin Close where she has lived for 20 years. She said it held great sentimental value to her as she raised her three grandchildren there and the land once belonged to her great-grandfather.

"When my grandchildren were young, I taught them the alphabet, and how to read and write," she said. "I also taught them how to swim."

Her daughter and grandchildren live overseas, but come back regularly to visit. Keeping Mrs Young company in their absence are her two dogs, Lucky and Milo. She said when the time comes to move, she may go to her daughter's house on Nassim Road.

The other bungalow due to be demolished is on Stevens Road.

The residents will be paid the market value of their properties.

Also making way for the line is the post office on Upper Thomson Road, which opened in 1958. A SingPost spokesman said the nearest alternative is Bishan Post Office in the community club at Bishan Street 13.

The Government will also acquire five partial lots from the Lighthouse School, Singapore Chinese Girls' School, Great World City, Yong An Park and the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped.

Singapore Land Authority deputy chief executive Simon Ong said buildings will not be affected.


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