Commuters welcome plans to introduce Wi-Fi on buses, bus interchanges

SINGAPORE - Plans are underway to give commuters waiting at bus interchanges or those travelling on a bus access to free Wi-Fi.

While commuters welcomed the move, some were sceptical as to how effective or stable the coverage would be, citing poor experience with the free public Wi-Fi service at train stations.

IT manager Ronald Tan, 42, said he has experienced weak Wi-Fi connections at train stations here. "It is too soon to say if it is going to work on buses, especially at areas with poor signals," he said. "I think more time and more trials are needed if we are going to implement it properly."

Currently, commuters waiting for the train at station platforms along the North-East Line, as well as other busy stations along the trunk lines can access free Wi-Fi services as part of a two-year trial by the Land Transport Authority.

On Wednesday, Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said in Parliament that similar plans were being worked out for the bus system.

Engineer Chua Qiru, 26, said it was a natural progression for the Wi-Fi service to be extended to the buses and bus interchanges.

"The train stations have been providing Wi-Fi access for a few months now. It is only logical that they have similar services at the bus interchanges and on buses as well," he said. "I think I will use it, especially for long bus journeys home."

Student Ffion Lim, 19 said: "With smartphones, people are already surfing the Internet or using social media while on the buses anyway.

"This service is definitely going to be popular with most commuters when it is introduced. Commuters can surf for free while on the go."

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