Caucasian couple help on-call cabby harassed by several men for not picking them up

A screengrab showing two men who were seen harassing a ComfortDelgro taxi driver.
A screengrab showing two men who were seen harassing a ComfortDelgro taxi driver.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - A police report has been lodged against several men who harassed a ComfortDelgro taxi driver for not picking them up as he was on call.

ComfortDelgro called the men's behaviour "brutish" and said it would be assisting the authorities in their investigations if required.

The incident, which occurred at a taxi stand next to Orchard Towers at around 8.30am on New Year's Day, was filmed by the unidentified driver from inside his vehicle.

The two-minute video was subsequently uploaded by user Jw Wei Liong, who claimed to be the driver's son, on Facebook on Saturday (Jan 2) afternoon.

"These foreigners trying to take my dad's taxi, (but) he was on call waiting for his passenger, therefore cannot accept them," he wrote.

Wei Liong said one of the men, wearing a white cap and striped green polo t-shirt, started snapping photos of his father with a phone. Both parties then took videos of each other before the man reacted in anger by kicking the side of the taxi.

A Caucasian couple waiting at the taxi stand saw what had happened and came to the driver's aid. The woman was seen walking over to the driver's door to ask if he needed help, while her partner spoke to the men in an attempt to defuse the situation.

Wei Liong added that his father had called the police and was forced to ask the passenger who had booked his taxi to take another cab while he waited for officers to arrive at the scene.

He also praised the couple who helped his father.

ComfortDelgro's group corporate communications officer Tammy Tan told The Straits Times that the company was rendering assistance to its driver.

"We are thankful that he is unhurt and also very grateful to the two passers-by who tried to help our cabby," Ms Tan added.