Trainers offering enrichment activities, CCAs to schools need to register with MOE

From January next year, instructors offering co-curricular and enrichment activities to schools will need to register with the Ministry of Education (MOE).

MOE said in a statement on Thursday that the move is to help schools better assess the suitability of these external trainers in conducting such activities.

This will apply to all government, government-aided, independent, specialised independent and specialised schools.

These activities cover a range of areas from CCAs, Malay or Chinese conversational classes to art and music schemes in schools. Those who are involved in overnight stays and overseas trips with students will also need to register.

All other instructors of school-based CCA and enrichment activities, like workshops, with a duration of 20 hours or more per contract, are also required to register.

Instructors may apply to register from next Wednesday and are encouraged to register by June 2014 as some schools may start to procure instructor services for 2015 from around that period. More information on application procedures can be found at

Applicants will be evaluated based on criteria like area of specialisation, relevant qualifications and experience, and whether they are registered with a relevant professional body. They should be at least 18 too.

All applicants will be notified by e-mail on the outcome about six weeks after they apply. Their registered status will be valid for two years, and those who wish to continue need to reapply for registration with MOE at least three months before their registered status expires.

Instructors not covered under the listed areas will register under a second phase which will start in 2016. This phase applies to those engaged for CCA and enrichment activities that last more than eight hours, but less than 20 hours per contract. More details on this phase will be released later this year.

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