Train stalls briefly at Redhill MRT station, after object jams door

An object had jammed a train door, causing the train to stall briefly at Redhill MRT station on Friday night because the doors would not close.

Passengers travelling in the direction of Joo Koon on the East-West Line were told to disembark and wait for the next train at the platform at about 11.18pm. The next train arrived shortly after at 11.21pm, a SMRT spokesman told The Straits Times. Service was not disrupted.

But many commuters, thinking that the train had broken down, made a beeline for the taxi stands. Some, however, chose to wait for service to resume at the station.

"The train door opened and closed for like 10 times. Then there was an announcement asking passengers to leave the train," said student Sarah Au-Yong, 21, who boarded the train at Outram for Queenstown.