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Fracas over Hindu temple opens up old issue of land ownership for places of worship in Malaysia

An overturned vehicle lies in front of a Hindu temple after a scuffle between attackers and Hindu devotees in Subang Jaya, Selangor, on Nov 26, 2018. ST PHOTO: TRINNA LEONG

The fracas over the relocation of a Hindu temple is but the latest in a string of such incidents in Malaysia mostly because disputes arise with the places of worship squatting on land they do not own.


Greenhouse gas emissions gap wider than ever: UN report

Demonstrators take part in a pro-environment protest as they block Westminster Bridge in central London on Nov 17, 2018. PHOTO: AFP

Global greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 could be between 13 billion and 15 billion tonnes more than the level needed to keep global warming within 2 degrees Celsius this century, a United Nations report has estimated.


131 people, including K2 pupils and teachers, down with gastroenteritis after consuming food from FoodTalks

The outbreak of gastroenteritis traced to the consumption of food prepared by FoodTalks Caterer & Manufacturer is currently being investigated. PHOTO: FOODTALKS CATERER & MANUFACTURER

Kindergarten 2 pupils and teachers who were attending a learning camp are also affected.


Generation Grit: She juggles multiple jobs to support three kids and cancer-stricken husband

Ms Ju-ann Thong and her son Mathias. PHOTO: LIN ZHAOWEI FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

Ms Ju-ann Thong was only around nine when she had a bombshell dropped on her during a visit to the doctor.


Singapore Cricket Club allegedly asks maid to wait in carpark while employers have dinner

Mr Bloodworth outside the Singapore Cricket Club, which he criticised for not stating its policies more explicitly. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/NICHOLAS BLOODWORTH

The incident sparked a discussion on the policies of private clubs here, some of which do not allow domestic helpers on their premises.


Ukrainian president warns of threat of 'full-scale war' with Russia

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said: "I don't want anyone to think this is fun and games. Ukraine is under threat of full-scale war with Russia."PHOTO: REUTERS

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Russia had sharply increased its military presence on their shared border as tensions escalate between the ex-Soviet neighbours.


Liposuction death: Doctors told to pay $756k legal bill

The costs taxed in court come after proceedings triggered by a botched liposuction procedure on Mr Franklin Heng undertaken by Dr Wong Meng Hang (above) at his Orchard Road clinic in December 2009. PHOTO: ST FILE

The negligent doctors implicated in the high-profile first liposuction death in Singapore have been ordered to pay some $756,000 in legal costs as assessed by a High Court registrar.


Sports Hub to offer wide range of events in 2019

The Singapore Sports Hub will introduce yet another unique proposition - golf inside the National Stadium - complete with sand bunkers and trees, as part of its 2019 line-up. PHOTO: SINGAPORE SPORTS HUB

Stadium Golf is just one of Sports Hub's diverse offerings for next year.


Asian Civilisations Museum to open 3 new galleries for Christian Art, Islamic Art, and Ancestors and Rituals

Aside from the new galleries, the public can also expect a rotation of new exhibits at the Trade galleries and a new museum trail series. ST PHOTO: DESMOND FOO

These galleries, found on the second level of the museum, will show how systems of faith and belief spread across Asia, and how traditions of religious art adapted as a result.


SpongeBob SquarePants animated series creator dies at age 57

Stephen Hillenburg was a marine biology teacher in Southern California when he started creating sea creatures as teaching tools. PHOTO: REUTERS

Stephen Hillenburg had said last year that he was suffering from the neurodegenerative disease ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.