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Tear gas fired after mob vandalises HK's Sham Shui Po police station over student leader's arrest

Policemen in riot gears arrive to disperse the residents and protesters at Sham Shui Po district in Hong Kong on Aug 6, 2019.PHOTO: AP

The crowd had vandalised and flashed lasers at the building after the arrest.


Wall Street climbs more than 1% after China moves on yuan

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 311.78 points, or 1.21%, to 26,029.52, the S&P 500 gained 37.03 points, or 1.30%, to 2,881.77 and the Nasdaq Composite added 107.23 points, or 1.39%, to 7,833.27. PHOTO: AFP

China's move to fix the yuan at a slightly stronger rate and news that Mr Donald Trump was planning to host a Chinese delegation for talks in September allayed fears of a further escalation in the trade war.


North Korea's Kim says missile launches are warning to US, South Korea over drill: KCNA

Kim Jong-Un (right) oversees the launch of a new-type tactical guided weapon in North Korea.PHOTO: EPA-EFE

The launches "clearly verified the reliability, security and actual war capacity" of the weapon, said state media.


US-China trade: It's now more than a trade war

A bank employee counts US dollars next to a stack of Chinese yuan in eastern China's Jiangsu province. Yesterday's developments mean currency issues are now being dragged into the debate on trade and even monetary policy. PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS

For the US to ignore its own methodology and formally designate China, or any other country, as a currency manipulator at will, seemingly by executive order, sets a worrying precedent.


Japan PM says World War II labour row is biggest issue with South Korea

Shinzo Abe speaks during a press conference in Hiroshima, western Japan. PHOTO: AP

"Considering the current Japan-South Korea relations, trust is the biggest problem - the question of whether to keep the promises between nations," Mr Abe said.


6 in 10 dads did not take paternity leave last year

The take-up rate for paternity leave was 35 per cent last year, compared with 53 per cent in 2017 and 47 per cent in 2016.ST PHOTO: GIN TAY

Experts say the relatively low take-up rates could stem from a combination of company culture, societal attitudes on gender roles and self-policing at work.


Largest FairPrice Xtra hypermarket opens at VivoCity

VivoCity's new FairPrice Xtra outlet offers food preparation services where vegetables, meat and seafood can be processed and prepared.ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

The VivoCity FairPrice Xtra outlet includes dine-in areas where customers can pick their choice of seafood or meat cuts and have them cooked to eat in the store.


Credit to cabbies for steering through ride-hailing disruption

A picture taken on May 15, 2019, shows taxis in line at the Internatonal Plaza taxi stand. The Public Transport Council, which already oversees taxi fares, will also be given powers to ensure that ride-hailing fares are provided upfront and transparent. PHOTO: ST FILE

Taxi drivers here did not take the adversarial route of their counterparts in other cities, such as going on strikes to protest against the new players, or coming to blows with private-hire drivers.


FAQ on dengue: Are dengue outbreaks getting more severe? Will things get worse?

A volunteer sharing dengue awareness information with a resident in Hong Kah North. The authorities' efforts have been effective in moderating the magnitude of dengue outbreaks in Singapore, but dengue control will continue to hinge on the efforts of the whole community, says the writer. LIANHE ZAOBAO FILE PHOTO

A large group of people will be at risk of acquiring their first and second dengue infections at an age when they may already be afflicted with underlying chronic diseases.


Novelist Toni Morrison was a fearless writer who confronted issues of race and prejudice

Novelist Toni Morrison put centrestage the doubly marginalised voice of the African American woman, and in her unflinching focus, insisted on the validity and merit of her experience.PHOTO: REUTERS

She cast light on the state of being black. In the process, she illuminated for all readers what it is to be human.