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Vast potential for Malaysia, Singapore to move ahead together: PM Lee

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad at Perdana Putra in Putrajaya on April 9, 2019. Both leaders discussed current bilateral issues, including airspace and maritime boundaries. ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI


Both have much in common and can do more in a cooperative, mutually beneficial way, he says.


Proposed law targets only those who spread fake news deliberately: Shanmugam

Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam speaking at an event organised by the Association of Muslim Lawyers and social enterprise Wise SG on April 9, 2019, to discuss hate speech and deliberate online falsehoods. ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN 

Those who spread it without knowing the truth or based on a misunderstanding will not face penalties, he said.


Aesthetics doctor Georgia Lee sued by minority shareholder in skincare business

Ms Anita Hatta (right) claims she had been misled into investing $2 million in Dr Georgia Lee's brand of skincare products in return for a five per cent stake. ST PHOTOS: KELVIN CHNG, ALVIN HO 

Movie and TV producer Anita Hatta claims she had been misled into investing $2 million in Dr Lee's brand of skincare products in return for a 5 per cent stake.


Eleven known cases of super fungus Candida auris infections in Singapore since 2012: MOH

Two of the patients found to be infected with the antifungal-resistant germ died while the other nine recovered. PHOTO: NYTIMES 

But no outbreak was reported, a Ministry of Health (MOH) spokesman said in response to queries.


AHTC lawsuits: All $33.7m paid to managing agent improper, illegal, say lawyers

Workers' Party secretary-general Pritam Singh and chairman Sylvia Lim arrive in court, on April 9, 2018. ST PHOTO: KHALID BABA 

They say WP councillors did not act in good faith in hiring FM Solutions and Services as managing agent.


California Fitness liquidators' report closes door on member refunds

The closure of California Fitness's three gyms in 2016 highlighted the dangers of prepayments with its nearly 27,000 members left in the lurch for $20.8 million in unused gym access fees and unredeemed training sessions. PHOTO: ST FILE 

In a detailed report to creditors seen by The Straits Times, liquidators from Ferrier Hodgson blamed JV Fitness's management and auditor for allowing gym members to fund the business for three years even though it was already heavily in debt.


Air taxis due to start trials in Singapore aim to be as safe as commercial aircraft

A Volocopter machine at the Rotorcraft Asia 2019 and Unmanned Systems Asia 2019 exhibition, held at the Changi Exhibition Centre. PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO 

The air taxis from German aviation start-up Volocopter will be conducting private flight tests here in the third quarter of this year, which will be followed by public flight trials.


Home Front: Probe ripples under surface calm of 'racial harmony'


Racial and religious harmony is an ideal deeply ingrained in our national consciousness. When an issue disrupts our self-image of a socially harmonious society, you can expect Singaporeans to react strongly.


PM Netanyahu and main rival Gantz claim victory in Israel election

 If he wins, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) will be on track to be the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s 71-year history. Challenger Benny Gantz is a political novice. PHOTO: EPA-EFE


Several exit polls gave the veteran right-wing leader an advantage in forming a coalition government.


Tech Life Hacks: How to block Game Of Thrones spoilers

The Game Of Spoils extension blacks out posts relating to the hit TV series, Game Of Thrones, and comes with witty lines. PHOTO: GAME OF THRONES/FACEBOOK

As excited as we fans are about the premiere of the eighth and final season of mega hit television series Game Of Thrones, we are just as wary about the one thing that comes with the release of every new episode: spoilers.