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Singapore manufacturing shows strong signs of broad-based growth

As manufacturing makes up one-fifth of Singapore's economy and is its brightest spot this year, economists expect it to remain a key driver of growth next year. PHOTO: REUTERS

Singapore's manufacturers are set to end the year with a big bang, fuelled largely by the continued growth in electronics.


Electric car-sharing fees to be comparable with cab fares

BlueSG, the firm behind the scheme, said yesterday that there will be two plans for its electric cars. Users will be charged according to the duration of use instead of the distance travelled. PHOTO: BLUESG

The hiring fees for Singapore's first large-scale electric car-sharing scheme, which starts next Tuesday, will be comparable with taxi fares.


Yemen’s ex-president Saleh killed after switching sides in civil war

Houthi radio said that former president Ali Abdullah Saleh (pictured) was killed, on Dec 4, 2017. PHOTO: EPA-EFE

Veteran former president Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed in a roadside attack after switching sides in Yemen’s civil war, abandoning his Iran-aligned Houthi allies in favour of a Saudi-led coalition, foes and supporters said. 


Video: Needy kids get help in learning to read

Deputy Public Prosecutor Amanda Chong teaching pre-schoolers at ReadAble's centre in Jalan Kukoh how to read. Ms Chong, who is also a published poet, co-founded the literacy programme in 2014 with lawyers Jonathan Muk and Michelle Yeo. ST PHOTO: JONATHAN CHOO

Over the course of this week, the sixth Straits Times Causes Week will share how various individuals and groups are making a difference through the causes they are passionate about.


Commentary: The billion-dollar question: Who pays for Changi's T5?

The Changi East project includes T5, a mega passenger terminal, as well as major drainage and other ground works. Those who push for pre-funding for T5 will say that other airports have also recently introduced similar user charges. But since when did Changi stop leading and start following? ST FILE PHOTO

With a price tag likely to run into tens of billions of dollars, who pays for Changi Airport's future Terminal 5 is a question that has already ruffled feathers.


The deaf community sees red over signs

A Channel 8 Chinese current affairs programme showed a trainer from a People's Association (PA) SkillsFuture course teaching sign language. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK

The Singapore Association for the Deaf said it is unhappy about 'inaccurate' signs used in Channel 8 current affairs programme.


5 things you need to know about hypertension

Taking your blood pressure regularly helps you ensure your heart will continue to tick normally.


Video: Yubari - Japan's 'greyest' city - fights depopulation, bankruptcy

A pole which says "The Hill of Yubari's Hope" near the city centre. Only 8,600 people live in Yubari, which, at 763.1 sq km, is larger than Singapore. ST PHOTO: WALTER SIM

Only 8,600 people live in Yubari, which, at 763.1 sq km, is larger than Singapore.


ST Press' foray into fiction

Taiwanese-American mother of two Stephanie Suga Chen gave up her job as an investment banker to follow her neuroscientist husband to Singapore in 2012, when he was offered a position in local academia. PHOTOS: KELVIN CHNG, ONE PRODUCTION

Local publisher Straits Times Press  is making its move into novels, starting with a Japan-based fantasy and a light-hearted look at the lives of expatriate wives in Singapore.


Singapore Chinese Orchestra returns home

The Singapore Chinese Orchestra testing acoustics of the new Concert Hall at the revamped Singapore Conference Hall. PHOTO: SINGAPORE CHINESE ORCHESTRA

It will open the renovated concert hall at the Singapore Conference Hall with a Chinese New Year gig.