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Facebook and industry group express concern over Singapore's proposed law against online falsehoods

Under the law, Internet platforms including social media networks like Facebook will be required to act swiftly to limit the spread of falsehoods by displaying corrections alongside such posts, or removing them. PHOTO: AFP

Facebook is concerned that the proposed law here would "compel" it to remove content deemed to be false by the Singapore government and to push out corrections to its users.


British parliament fails to find majority for any softer Brexit option

MPs in the House of Commons in London on April 1, 2019, following the outcome of the second round of indicative votes on the alternative options for Brexit. PHOTO: AFP

As things stand, Britain will now depart at 2200 GMT on April 12 - unless Mrs May comes up with another viable option.


7 things about proposed law to combat online fake news

The Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill seeks to protect society from damage by online falsehoods created by "malicious actors", the Ministry of Law said. PHOTO: ST FILE

How does the Bill define falsehood? When will criminal sanctions apply?


Government can't use taxpayers' money to help Hyflux investors recoup losses, says Masagos

Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli noted that the Government could "stress Hyflux even further (but) may not get anything at the end of the process". PHOTO: ST FILE

The Minister said "investors in search of returns must understand that returns come with some risk".


'Doxxing' set to be outlawed under changes to harassment laws to deter online vigilantism

The proposed introduction of a new offence criminalises the act of "doxxing" - publishing identifiable information about a person to harass, cause violence or fear of violence to the person. PHOTO: ST FILE

When public spats go viral on social media, some online vigilantes dig up contact information on the people involved and post it on public forums. Such actions could soon lead to fines or jail.


Over 7,900 ofo bicycles sold in public auction

ofo is one of three major bike-share operators in Singapore to hit the skids. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

The sale, held at Bok Seng Logistics warehouse in Tuas Avenue 3, attracted around 30 individuals, many from scrap metal recycling companies.


Drink driver jailed 18 weeks over Tanjong Pagar accident that injured 4 pedestrians

Lim Kwong Fei's car also almost collided into a girl before it hit a taxi and a lorry, causing nearly $17,000 in damages to the two vehicles. ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

The car driven by insurance agent Lim Kwong Fei crashed into three men and a woman standing on a centre divider and caused serious injuries, including multiple fractures to the men.


Hua Ting gets Gold, four restaurants debut on the Silver list for Best Asian Restaurants Awards

Gold award recipients (from left) group operation manager Jimmy Leung of Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine (Ion); Chinese executive chef Cheung Siu Kong of Summer Pavilion; Master chef Chung Lap Fai of Hua Ting Restaurant; and Master chef Koichiro Oshino of Shinji by Kanesaka at Carlton Hotel Singapore. ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

Summer Pavilion's Chinese executive chef Cheung Siu Kong, 49, scored the Chef of the Year accolade.


ST Podcast: How to be happier in life by being less of a financial hoarder

Dr William Wan, the general secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement, warns against financial hoarding in this Money Hacks podcast, by outlining four points in this episode after taking inspiration from his new book out in major bookstores.

In your retirement years, consider spending a bit more on yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labour. No point in hoarding all for your children.


Ban on chocolate rabbits and herring border wall: April Fools' Day pranks around the world

Swiss daily Le Matin reported that vegans wanted to ban chocolate bunnies at Easter, as part of an April Fools' Day prank. PHOTO: AFP

Denmark said it would build a fence in the North Sea to protect its herrings after Brexit - and make Britain pay for it.


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