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Video: Donald Trump threatens to cut financial aid to UN members over Jerusalem vote

US President Donald Trump threatened to cut off financial aid to countries that vote in favour of a draft United Nations resolution calling for the United States to withdraw its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Wage Credit: Over 1,000 employers caught cheating

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) building.PHOTO: ST FILE

More than 1,000 employers tried to fleece a government assistance programme of $5.57 million with ruses like hiring phantom workers or inflating wages, the taxman disclosed.


News analysis: Death of Annie Ee: Tragic case highlights conditions needed for sound court system

Daily beatings left Ms Ee with 12 fractured ribs and seven fractured vertebrae, a ruptured stomach and a body crowded with blisters and bruises. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/ANNIE EE

Ms Annie Ee, the young woman who was abused to death, drew a postscript for her tragedy as three parties came out to clarify the issues behind the court outcome for the offending couple.


US House approves sweeping tax Bill in a win for Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump speaks during a tax bill passage event with Republican congressional members of the House and Senate on Dec 20, 2017. PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives gave final approval to the biggest overhaul of the US tax code in 30 years, sending a sweeping US$1.5 trillion (S$2 trillion)  tax Bill to President Donald Trump for his signature.


Video: Generation Grit: He broke the mould by going from Normal stream to NUS medical school

Mr Tan Jun Xiang, 22, is not your typical medical student who aced all his school examinations. In the second of this new series on inspiring millennials, he tells The Straits Times, don’t give up on your dreams.


Chasing vice out of the HDB heartland


The Housing Board heartland that houses most of Singapore's residents is now also becoming home to the sex trade.


Speakers' Corner: Some face issues holding events

An event held at Hong Lim Park in March 2015. Groups say there are ambiguities in the rules and regulations on public assembly. ST FILE PHOTO

When women's rights group Association of Women for Action and Research organised its International Women's Day carnival at the Speakers' Corner in 2015, it expected the application process to be smooth sailing. But things were different.


Retailers gear up to capture the millennial shopper

Use of digital screens and multimedia platforms: The store has been revamped to include an open layout, a pink runway and digital screens and multimedia platforms that play how-to beauty videos and also offer an app that allows shoppers to see how a make-up product will look on their faces.

Stores and malls are introducing social media-friendly concepts and customising products to draw the attention and spending of the millennial demographic group.


Video: A black and white memorial for SHINee's Jonghyun by Singaporean fans at Hong Lim Park

Thousands of fans turned up at Hong Lim Park to pay their respects to SHINee lead singer Kim Jong Hyun at a memorial service organised for him on Dec 20. ST PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

Thousands of Singaporean fans of South Korean pop group SHINee turned up in a sea of black and white at Hong Lim Park to pay their respects to the band's lead singer Kim Jong Hyun at a memorial service organised for him.


US woman gives birth to baby girl from embryo frozen in 1992

On Nov 25, Tina Gibson gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Emma Wren Gibson. PHOTO: TWITTER/MADISONCWADE

When Tina Gibson got married seven years ago, the 26-year-old knew it was unlikely that she would have children naturally. Her husband, 33-year-old Benjamin Gibson, had cystic fibrosis, a condition that can make men infertile, the couple told CNN.