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Young, rich and generous: More millennials donating to their universities, some with large sums

Graduating students at an NTU commencement ceremony at the university's Nanyang Auditorium, on July 25, 2016. PHOTO: ST FILE

Their desire to give back is strong, with some donating five-, six- or even seven-figure sums.


Heng Swee Keat urges US, China to find areas of cooperation amid competition

DPM Heng Swee Keat said Singapore hopes both US and China will be able to find areas of cooperation amidst their competition. PHOTO: MCI

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said the tensions between the two countries are worrying as Sino-US ties are the most critical bilateral relationship globally.


Illegal job brokering on the rise here, says migrant worker group

Migrant worker advocacy group Transient Workers Count Too estimated that there could be $232 million flowing into the hands of unlicensed job brokers in Singapore each year. ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

TWC2 said more foreign workers are turning to unlicensed agents here. MOM said it has ramped up enforcement since 2016.


Singapore must have strong ruling party with clear majority: Goh Chok Tong

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong with a Chinese-language copy of his biography, Tall Order: The Goh Chok Tong Story, during an interview at the Istana with Lianhe Zaobao that was published in the Chinese daily yesterday. PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong hopes to see this 20 years from now, so that the Government can continue to plan for the long term.


14 body scanners in operation at Changi Airport's terminals

To mitigate privacy concerns, body scanners now used at Changi and other airports do not detail the person's actual shape - just an outline. PHOTO: ST FILE

The machines are able to detect metallic and non-metallic items but do not detail a traveller's actual shape.


Plunge in COE prices drives eager buyers into car showrooms

COE prices for the last three tenders before the most recent one on Thursday (May 23) had seen a steady increase. PHOTO: ST FILE

Industry players said the higher COE premiums previously caused fresh sales to grind to a halt, which in turn led to the sizeable correction at last Thursday's tender.


LTA probes case of Singapore driver changing car licence plate in Malaysia

A series of screengrabs showing the driver of a Singapore-registered car changing the vehicle's licence plate at a petrol station in Johor on May 18. A summons for speeding that the BMW later picked up was issued to the owner of a Hyundai Elantra, to whom the other registration number belongs. PHOTO: SG ROAD VIGILANTE/ FACEBOOK

The driver was caught speeding on a Malaysian highway after switching the plates. But the $49 summons was issued to another vehicle the new plate's number was registered to.


UAE's Utico offers 'part cash redemption' to Hyflux junior creditors

Hyflux Innovation Centre at 80 Bendemeer Road. PHOTO: ST FILE

Utico is dangling an offer of reprieve to the 34,000 retail perpetual securities and preference shareholders trying to recover $900 million they had invested in Hyflux.


Five key takeaways from the EU elections

People hold letters forming the words "Europe Resists" during an action of activist group Avaaz outside the European Parliament after the announcement of results for European parliamentary elections in Brussels on May 26, 2019. PHOTO: AFP

The EU elections have been marked by successes for the far right, a surge by the Greens and setbacks for traditional parties across the continent.


Hokkaido sizzling in temperatures up to 39.5 deg C as unseasonal heat wave grips Japan

Temperatures have never before topped 38 deg C in Hokkaido, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. PHOTO: AFP

Temperatures have never before topped 38 deg C in Hokkaido. The previous high for Hokkaido was 37.8 deg C, recorded in 2014.