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Asean issues collective vision for Indo-Pacific as it attempts to reclaim geopolitical narrative

The non-binding statement foregrounds an inclusive and "rules-based framework".


PMDs going cheap as new safety norm deadline nears

A UL2272 certification sticker, usually found under the footboard, comes with a serial number that can be validated online.

Users who have PMDs that do not comply with the UL2272 standard can continue to ride them until the end of next year. From 2021, it will be illegal to use non-compliant devices in public areas.


What comes after Asean's Indo-Pacific vision is more crucial, say analysts

Journalists sitting on chairs made out of paper before a news conference at the 34th Asean Summit yesterday. On Saturday, Asean had committed itself to reducing marine waste at both the national and regional levels. Yesterday, it laid out its Asean O

China's increasingly tense face-off with the United States risks sidelining Asean, which must reclaim its voice.


Second chance at life: Singaporean finds liver donor after son posts appeal on social media

Within days of the appeal, a 36-year-old stranger, Mr Lin Hanwei, offered Mr Eddie Tan a new lease of life.


Death toll from acute encephalitis in east Indian town rises to 129 children

Medical and government officials are facing mounting criticism for struggling to contain the crisis in a town of nearly 350,000 people in the eastern Indian state of Bihar.


Dengue surge: Over 370k inspections, 900 households fined between January and May, says NEA

Instances of profuse mosquito breeding found in homes inspected by the National Environment Agency. It found 6,500 cases of breeding habitats during inspections in the first five months of this year.

Mosquito breeding habitats were found in 6,500 cases, the NEA said.


Hong Kong rights group urges silent march ahead of G-20 meet

About 300 people gathering last night outside the Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex in Admiralty, where a succession of speakers spoke about police brutality and what to do in case of an arrest. They levelled accusations of police brutality after

The Civil Human Rights Front, which was behind two massive rallies earlier this month, said the march will start in the heart of the business district and pass the consulates of each of the G-20 member nations.



GovTech team makes filling online govt forms a breeze

The team behind FormSG (from left) includes software engineer Jean Tan, 26; UX designer Sarah Salim; product manager Leonard Loo; software engineer Yuanruo Liang, 29; and Open Government Products head Li Hongyi.

The latest version of FormSG - the 56th since it was launched in September 2017 - features end-to-end encryption and was used for the first time to handle the high volume of applications for this year's NDP tickets.


Millennials rate emotional skills as most important for future of work

Many young workers seem to feel that getting along with their colleagues will be more important than being able to code a website.


Tanglin Halt bids farewell to people's doctor

Patients (above) at Meng's Clinic last week. The clinic's reception is manned by Madam Doreen Tan (below), who is in her 70s. She has worked there for over 30 years and knows almost all the patients by name. Dr Chan and his wife of 15 years, Madam Sa

At least 60 of Dr Chan Khye Meng's patients past and present gathered at Meng's Clinic to celebrate his 55-year career and to bid farewell to a beloved member of the Tanglin Halt community.