Top 10 films of 2013

2013 was a banner year for things made in Singapore, be they films, books or theatre.

Alfonso Cuaron's thriller, Gravity, tops the list of top 10 films of 2013, while local film Ilo Ilo takes the No. 3 spot.

Take a look at the full list below.

1. Gravity (PG13)

This gripping drama of survival might be this year's most ambitious big-budget summer showpiece. Not because of its massive scale, but for the opposite: its intimacy.

2. 12 Years A Slave (opens Dec 19)

Movies about slavery tend to be epic and didactic. Director Steve McQueen's take on the topic is personal and intimate, and is all the more horrifying for it.

3. Ilo Ilo (PG13)

Writer-director Anthony Chen sees everything, judges nothing. Characters on both sides of the economic divide are humans, working through everyday problems.

4. The World's End (NC16)

Funny script and cast's natural performances make for a heartwarming film about pub crawlers learning a dark secret.

5. The Hunt (R21)

Mads Mikkelsen puts in a fine performance as a man falsely accused of child abuse.

6. Sex.Violence.FamilyValues (R21)

This made-in-Singapore anthology of three English-language shorts runs the gamut from the darkly comic (the first short, Cartoons) to the near-slapstick (Porn Masala) to moody drama (The Bouncer).

7. Seven Psychopaths (M18)

This movie takes stylistic risks and not all of them pay off - it is 20 minutes too long and lacks coherence and it feels as if McDonagh has tacked on four false endings before the final one. But those are minor quibbles with a work bursting with small, entertaining moments.

8. Captain Phillips (PG)

The director of Captain Phillips, based on a true incident of Somali pirates hijacking an American cargo ship, is careful not to portray the story as one with a clear-cut victory

9. Trance (M18)

Danny Boyle's darkly comic thriller takes place inside the thoughts of a character.

10 Like Father, Like Son (PG)

Like Father, Like Son tells of a couple's bind after they find out their son was swopped at birth.

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