Three types of Tabita cosmetic products test positive for prohibited ingredients: HSA

Prohibited ingredients have been found in three cosmetic products marketed under the brand "Tabita", the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) warned in a statement on Thursday.

A woman developed rashes and rapid whitening of her skin after using the products, which are not sold here but can be bought over the Internet from overseas. They are Tabita Skincare Smooth Lotion, Tabita Skincare Daily Cream and Tabita Skincare Nightly Cream. Members of the public are advised to stop using and throw these items away.

They contain undeclared ingredients of hydroquinone, tretinoin, salicyclic acid and mercury. The first two are potent substances prohibited in skincare cosmetic products here, as their use requires medical supervision. Meanwhile, high levels of salicyclic acid and mercury can cause effects such as skin irritation, headache, and skin discoloration.

Said an HSA spokesman: "Consumers need to be aware of the risk of purchasing products online. Unlike other commodities, the use of poor quality and falsely labelled health products including cosmetics can cause serious health effects."

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