Three suspected housebreakers arrested, youngest is 10 years old

The police have arrested three males aged between 10 and 17, in connection with a break-in around Redhill Close.

They are believed to have done so by first climbing onto the parapet of a second-floor residential unit, and then extending their hands through the window of the targeted unit to "fish" out items. They took a box of manicure accessories, a shaver and a bottle of perfume.

The police were alerted to the break-in at about 2am on Thursday.

Officers from the Clementi Police Division arrived at the scene shortly after the police report was made and conducted searches. They also made ground enquiries at Redhill Close, Henderson Road and their surrounding areas.

The officers spotted and arrested the three suspects in the vicinity of Henderson Road at about 4.30 am. The stolen items were recovered and seized as case exhibits.

Investigations against the three suspects are ongoing.

Anyone convicted for Housebreaking and Theft by Night can be jailed at least two years and up to 14 years.

Commander of Clementi Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Melvin Yong, advised residents whose units are along the common corridors or parapets to not leave their valuables near the window, and to always properly secure their windows and grills.

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