Meet the people who moved PM

Three active seniors with a zest for life

In his speech, the Prime Minister recounted stories of people who made a difference

Every day, Madam Chang Ka Fong, 87, makes it a point to turn up at Teck Ghee Community Club to play basketball, shooting 50 hoops each time.

She also stays fit by exercising and watching her diet, she told The Straits Times, taking just porridge and Horlicks for breakfast, and not over-eating.

"Not all of us need to play basketball every day, but daily exercise is good for us," Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said of Madam Chang. She was one of the three active seniors whom he cited as role models in his Mandarin speech last night.

Another was chicken rice seller Chung Win Kee, 71, who knew nothing about computers until a few years ago.

But his passion for photography, now digital, spurred him to sign up for computer classes at Radin Mas Community Club.

Today, he is comfortable chatting online with his children and grandchildren. He also surfs for new chicken rice recipes and uses Facebook to make friends and share photographs.

Said PM Lee: "I, too, just started on Facebook recently. Mr Chung is my Facebook senior. I have much to learn from him."

He also praised Mr Chen Woo Teck, 79, a retired Chinese language teacher who is now a PhD student in Chinese language and literature at SIM University.

"His zest for learning is admirable," said the PM.

Mr Chung and Mr Chen said they believe in lifelong learning.

Mr Chung, who also surfs the Net for flight discounts, said: "Going online helps me to broaden my mind."

Mr Chen, who began pursuing his bachelor's degree at UniSIM in 2005, followed by a master's and now a PhD, said of his efforts: "It's a good example for the future generations."