Thieves use "sleight of hand technique" to steal jewellery

A high-valued piece of jewellery is believed to have been stolen through the sleight of hand technique, commonly used by magicians to handle coins and cards. The police said on Monday that they have received a report on such a case, but did not reveal the value of the jewellery.

In the recent incident, the suspects visited a jewellery booth in a shopping centre and picked a piece of jewellery to buy. Then they claimed that they needed time to withdraw money and paid a deposit.

The suspects requested that the box containing the jewellery be sealed, and helped to seal it. The piece of jewellery was shown to the suspects before it was placed into the box.However, the suspects did not return to collect the piece of jewellery after a few days, and it was subsequently discovered that the piece of jewellery was missing from the sealed box.

The police advised jewellery sales staff to ensure that every item is accounted for after attending to customers and to place security cameras over all display counters.

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