The Straits Times' News In A Minute: Oct 27, 2017

Today's top news headlines: Singapore to see steady economic growth in 2018, oBike launches geofencing to curb irresponsible parking, and man arrested for murder in Loyang condominium.

In today's The Straits Times News In A Minute video, we look at:

* Singapore's economic growth a​c​c​elerated over two straight qua​rters, thanks to a​ sustained​ global demand for electronics.​

* Bicycle-sharing firm oBike ​has introduced geofencing​ to ​stop irresponsible parking of its bikes.

* A ​50-year-old ​man ​has been arrested for the murder of ​a ​44-year-old woman​, believed to be his wife,​ at a condominium in Loyang.