The Straits Times' News In A Minute: May 9, 2016

Today's top news headlines: A Singapore Airlines plane is involved in a near-collision at South Korea's Incheon airport, SBS Transit and SMRT are rewarded for improving bus waiting times, and Singapore creditors now demand prompt payment.

In today's The Straits Times News In A Minute video, we look at:

* A Singapore Airlines plane bound for San Francisco, was involved in a near-collision with a Korean Air jet at Incheon International Airport in Seoul last Thursday. 

* Public transport operators SBS Transit and SMRT have been rewarded for improving waiting times for their buses during the six-month Bus Service Reliability Framework trial to assess the regularity of bus services. 

* Retail companies in Singapore take the fewest days to settle a bill after it is due, but this may be due to creditors demanding prompt payment from the companies to protect themselves against possible defaults.