The Speak Good English Movement focuses on top 10 tips

As the Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) gears up for its 13th year of activities to promote good English usage, it is giving ten tips to encourage people to actively make use of language resources around them.

Among the tips are to listen consciously to good English and to read regularly. For the first time, various food and beverage outlets like Toastbox and Kopitiam have come onboard to help spread these ten tips to more people.

This year the movement will focus on working adults aged 20 to 39 and help them improve their speaking and communications skills at the workplace. This will be done through several programmes and workshops conducted by various partners like education companies.

"We can and should keep improving our standard of English even after we have left school and are working," said SGEM chairman Goh Eck Kheng. This year's movement will be officially launched on May 15.

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