The science of mother

Nestlé is dedicated to providing the best for all mothers as they deliver their best out of their persistent love of her child. VIDEO: NESTLÉ
Innate ability, selfless love and the dedication to providing your best to your child. The moment your child is born, you are a mother. PHOTO: iSTOCK
Innate ability, selfless love and the dedication to providing your best to your child. The moment your child is born, you are a mother. PHOTO: iSTOCK

Is motherhood a science or an art?

If you are a mother, you will probably agree motherhood is a life-changing experience.

Every mum is different, yet there is something common - The love and persistent dedication for their child.

Resting your eyes on the human being who grew in your womb for nine months was likely a surreal moment you will never forget. As you gazed at your ruddy and wrinkly baby, you were filled with unconditional love for him.

The first time you brought your baby home, you probably stayed up throughout the night to care for the little one and spent hours singing soft lullabies to lull him to sleep. But no matter how tired you were, you pressed on.

Since then, be it your baby’s first flip or semi-crawl, you have celebrated every milestone — big or small — with him or her. However you describe it, there is no denying the mother-child bond is unique and irreplaceable.

Some may say that motherhood is an art — an instinctual need of a mother to care for the demands of her child, often at her own expense.

But “the science of mother” also involves constantly striving to deliver her best out of her persistent love of her child.

Dedicated to providing the best

Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO Growing-Up milk formula. PHOTO: NESTLÉ

Nestlé understands the differences and challenges of mothers, how mothers strive to give their best.

That is why for over 150 years, Nestlé has held firm to their Swiss promise for precision and perfection to continuously pursue their best in child nutrition and support mothers in their motherhood journey.

With NAN OPTIPRO Follow-On/Growing up milk, a range of premium formula backed by research and knowledge from the most dedicated scientists in one of the world’s largest nutrition research centres, Nestlé aims to deliver their Swiss promise of pursuing precision and perfection, and with the commitment to provide their best, just like all mothers do. 

Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO Follow-On and Growing-Up milk formulas are backed by research and knowledge, and are well suited and adapted to each stage of a baby’s growth. 

Containing key nutrients to fulfil the nutritional needs of older infants and more, NAN OPTIPRO 3 Formulation is suitable for babies aged one year and above.

NAN OPTIPRO Stage 2 Follow-on Formula is designed for babies after six months old. It supplies the right amount of protein that is gentle on developing organs, BIDIFUS BL probiotics that protect against potentially harmful bacteria in the digestive system, on top of other essential nutrients.