The Newsmaker: My life is more meaningful now even though I can’t walk, says Counsellor Lim Sing Sing

He miraculously survived a fall 15 floors from his flat while on a drug-induced high. But even though he is paralysed, counsellor Lim Sing Sing says he is living a much more meaningful life.

SINGAPORE - Lim Sing Sing had a turbulent youth. After his parents separated, he stayed with his grandmother, whose love for him spoiled him as a child. He dropped out of Secondary school after the first year and turned to drugs and gangs to fill the void in him.
For more than 10 years, Lim shuffled from job to job, drifting in and out of drug-induced highs. It took a literal fall to rock bottom to turn things around for him. In 1992, just days before the Lunar New Year, he fell out the window of his 15th-floor flat while on a high from a concoction of alcohol, psychedelic drugs and glue. He landed on top of a car.

He survived the fall, but it broke his bones so badly that he could no longer walk. 
Watch this episode of The Newsmaker, as Lim Sing Sing shares about the life he leads now, far away from drugs, and how he lends a helping hand to those who are trying to kick the habit. 

 About The Newsmaker:

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