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Greece races to break deadlock

GREECE has signalled to its creditors its willingness to make concessions in the hope of securing a bailout at the eleventh hour but uncertainties remained as to how Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras would back down.

Uber guarantees earnings

CAR-BOOKING firm Uber has guaranteed its drivers in Singapore a minimum hourly earning during peak hours. Uber said this was to increase its supply of cars on the road during peak hours.


Disaster aid goes hi-tech

TECHNOLOGY is changing both the type of disaster aid and the way it is delivered. The Internet has become the game changer. Increasingly, survivors are taking charge of their own situation by requesting power for their mobile phones and access to the Web.

Workers in Indonesia could be in
 trouble as companies shed jobs in a
weakening economy. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

Bad news for workers

THERE could be bad news in store for workers in Indonesia, with companies shedding jobs as they grapple with the weakest economic growth in six years. Government data might suggest no cause for alarm but official numbers are notoriously unreliable.

New boss at Eco–city

AHEAD of a visit by President Tony Tan Keng Yam to the Tianjin Eco-city next week, a leadership changeover is taking place in the Sino-Singapore project. The Straits Times’ China Correspondent Esther Teo speaks to both the outgoing chief executive and incoming head.

Shooter’s website found

A WEBSITE discovered on Saturday appears to offer the first serious look at the thinking of Dylann Roof, the man who went on the rampage in a South Carolina church, killing nine black parishioners. Among other things, he was seen spitting on the American flag and burning it.


Job hopping not the way to go

Buoyant market conditions, confidence in their abilities and the need to build up a skills base stretching across economic sectors all promote job hopping. However, as employees grow older, they need to deepen their skills to remain relevant to employers.

The coming backlash

IN MANY respects, Greek eviction from the euro zone would strengthen the currency as it will be evidence that Europe is determined to stick to its rules and punish those who don’t. But other effects include a meltdown in Greece with possible violence, writes Jonathan Eyal.

Plastic containers here meet safety
standards, say the authorities and
 doctors. -- BH FILE PHOTO


Health fears over plastic

A RECENT study by 18 experts from institutions including Harvard University found that chemicals in plastics may cause problems such as adult obesity. But the authorities say there is nothing to worry about, as plastic containers here meet safety standards.

Old milestone system

THE National Heritage Board is documenting the milestone system formerly used in Singapore to help people find their way around. Made of sandstone and later granite, the milestones were labelled with numbers and placed a mile, or 1.6km, apart on roads.

Cat killer on the loose

THE authorities are planning to step up patrols in Pasir Ris Park after seven cats were found dead last week. Parkgoers who feed the cats daily said another four cats are still missing. The Cat Welfare Society said the National Parks Board has been alerted.


Firms tune in to S’pore

THE music industry here has been moving to a livelier beat over the past year as global firms tune in to the region’s growth potential. Heavyweights such as record label Sony have recently made Singapore their base for grooming and promoting local and regional musicians.

Australian golfer
Jason Day delivered
one of the gutsiest
 displays seen in
Major history. -- PHOTO: AGENCE


A day of triumph

EVEN if Australian golfer Jason Day did not win the US Open overnight, he will be remembered for how he fought dizziness, nausea and the shakes for a share of the third-round lead, a day after collapsing on the final hole from vertigo.

Ms Evelia Tan (centre), with the
runners-up of the cosplay
 competition. -- ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN


J-pop mania at festival

STUDENT Evelia Tan, 22, beat hundreds of participants to win CharaExpo 2015’s cosplay competition last Saturday, judged by three well-known Japanese cosplayers and an illustrator. The two-day manga, anime and cosplay festival, held over the weekend at Singapore Expo, also featured anime card game tournaments, Japanese wrestling matches and pop concerts.

Ko-ping with upheavals

A VETERAN director of comedies, Hong Kong’s Clifton Ko, 56, returns with his first film in 11 years, Wonder Mama. The film, starring actress Fung Bo Bo, is about a woman who has to deal with her elderly parents’ disintegrating marriage, and partly reflects Ko’s own experiences as a divorced man with two grown daughters.



A day for fathers

SINGAPOREANS celebrated their fathers in different ways on Father’s Day yesterday, with many sharing their stories and touching videos online. We round up some of the best at


Meet Dr Sun Yat Sen's family

THE late Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat Sen did not become the father of modern China on his own. Sacrifices were also made by his family as he pursued his goals.

More here:


Reaching out through yoga

CLAD in simple attire, tens of thousands of people rolled out their yoga mats for the world’s first International Day of Yoga. We take a look, in pictures, here:

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