Teen driver who got beaten up in road rage case: Six other similar incidents in Singapore

Mr Sebastian Lum said the irate cab passenger stopped punching him only when several motorcyclists stopped by. -- ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM 
Mr Sebastian Lum said the irate cab passenger stopped punching him only when several motorcyclists stopped by. -- ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM 

SINGAPORE - A 19-year-old teenager, Mr Sebastian Lum, was beaten up after he lost control of his mother's car on Sunday morning and crashed it into an oncoming taxi along South Buona Vista Road.

A middle-aged male passenger exited the cab, stomped towards the polytechnic student who was still in his seat and allegedly started punching him.

Police are investigating the incident.

Here are some other road rage cases that happened here.

1. Motorcyclist James Palin punched the window of a Volkswagen in November last year, causing the glass to shatter and cut the couple in the car.


He was sentenced to three weeks' jail on Oct 28 for the offence that took place in Tanjong Katong Road.

Palin, 33, a former regional director of a recruitment firm, had hit the bumper of the Volkswagen, driven by Mr Chiang Pak Chien, 43, while overtaking him.

Mr Chiang then overtook Palin, who sped past him again and braked immediately in front of the car. Mr Chiang braked to avoid crashing into the motorcycle.


Palin then came over and punched the car window on the driver's side. The shattered glass cut Mr Chiang and his wife, Ms Valerie Tan, 42. The couple suffered cuts on the body and face.

2. A 39-year-old motorist, Nathan Adrian Tallack, pushed a motorcyclist off his bike after a near-collision and spat in April.


The computer network engineer was jailed for a day in August and fined $3,000 after pleading guilty to pushing Lee Yao Rong Muhammad Saifuddin Ilyan Lee.

Tallack was driving along Chai Chee Street in Bedok when he reached a T-junction and nearly collided with Lee, who was on his right. Lee thought that Tallack had given him a rude hand gesture and knocked on his passenger window.

Tallack alighted and, in an argument, pushed Lee who was seated on his motorcycle, causing the machine to topple over with its rider.

Lee tried to get up but was overpowered by Tallack who pinned him on the road.

The brawl was filmed by a passer-by who tried to break up the fight.

3. In July, an angry driver blocked the way of a public bus for at least 15 minutes, stopping the bus driver from making a right turn.


Pictures of the incident surfaced on citizen journalism website Stomp, showing a black Honda hatchback stopped diagonally in front of an SBS bus along Toa Payoh Lorong 4.

In one picture, the car driver is also seen gesticulating at the bus driver.

It is believed that the driver was unhappy because the bus had overtaken his car. He then overtook the bus, cut into its lane and got out to speak to the bus driver.

4. A 49-year-old cabby, Lee Peng Geok, punched a motorcyclist twice at the junction of Henderson Road and Telok Blangah Way in February.

Lee was jailed in July for four weeks.

Mr Albert Goh Ban Chye, 43, was making a U-turn on Henderson Road when he saw Lee's cab approaching him from the opposite direction with the horn blaring.

After Mr Goh had made the turn, Lee continued to sound his horn at him, but the motorcyclist ignored him and stopped at a traffic light.

The cabby was still sounding his horn, so Mr Goh gestured to him to enquire why.

Lee then got out and approached the rider, who lifted his helmet visor. Lee then punched him twice on the nose.

5. A 41-year-old driver, Christopher Gordon Sang, was jailed for two weeks in February after causing hurt to a cabby.


The offence happened in July last year at a Changi condominium, where Mr Liu San Chuang, a 65-year-old cabby, had just picked up a passenger.

He wanted to make a three-point turn to head out of Flora Drive but waited for vehicles to overtake him before doing so. So he signalled Sang, a technical manager driving a sports car, to overtake him.

Sang drove up in his car, stopped a few car lengths behind the taxi, flashed his headlights and hit his horn.

Mr Liu inched forward to the left to let Sang overtake him but Sang flashed his headlights and honked again. Mr Liu wound down his window and used his right hand to signal Sang to overtake him.

But Sang got out of his Audi, opened the cab's right rear passenger door and pushed the cabby's head forward. He then returned to his car and drove off.

Mr Liu suffered neck pain and muscle strain from the incident.

6. In 2011, Channel 8 television host Quan Yifeng, 40, was placed on 15 months of probation for committing mischief in a squabble with a taxi driver.


Quan, her daughter then aged 11, and her personal assistant were headed to the airport in June 2010 for a flight to Mauritius. They got into Mr Chan Swee Kong's ComfortDelGro cab off Upper East Coast Road.


Quan asked the 52-year-old cabby to help load her luggage into the boot, but he said he could not because of an old back injury. She criticised him for poor service.

When he asked for directions, she ticked him off again. As he approached a junction minutes later, he slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision with a vehicle in front.

Quan and her daughter, who were seated unbelted in the rear, were thrown forward. Her daughter hit her forehead on the seat in front of her.

Thinking Mr Chan had braked suddenly to show his displeasure, Quan alighted and argued with him. She sat herself down in the driver's seat of the taxi, rummaged through his belongings and scattered them over the front seat and floor board. She also yanked out the fare meter, spilt water on the receipt printer, and kicked the right rear passenger door.