Taxi driver jailed two weeks for road rage

A taxi driver was jailed for two weeks on Thursday for assaulting a motorcyclist in a road rage case.

Poh Teik Eng, 43, pleaded guilty to using both his clenched fists to punch Mr Yen Chee Jiang, 28, on his chest area at the junction of Havelock Road and New Market Road on Feb 10 last year.

A court heard that Mr Yen was travelling behind Poh along Havelock Road on a right-turn only lane when Poh tried to change to the lane on his left. He abruptly jammed his brakes to try and filter to that lane but could not due to the heavy traffic.

Shortly, Poh again jammed his brakes and tried to change to the lane on his left. Mr Yen sounded his horn at him and shouted "Oi'' as he passed the taxi.

When the victim stopped at the red-light traffic light junction near New Market Road, he heard someone shouting from behind. He turned back and saw Poh a few car lengths behind, standing next to his taxi. Poh shouted across and asked why the victim shouted at him earlier.

The victim replied that Poh should not drive if he did not know how to.

Poh then ran towards the victim and aimed his punch at the left side of the victim's head. The victim used his left hand to block it. Poh then used both his clenched fists to punch the victim on the chest area.

He could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined $5,000 for causing hurt.

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