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Plus: Do eggs from different countries taste different?

Going for your Sunday grocery run or stocking up online for the week ahead?

Eggs may be an item in your basket - and shoppers now have more choices. Brunei recently joined the list of countries - including far-flung locations such as Denmark, Ireland and Ukraine - selling their eggs in Singapore. Do eggs from different countries taste different? And with prices going up, which gives you the most bang for your buck?

You may be avoiding eggs, meat (and all things delicious) if you are on a detox diet. But does it really help to flush out toxins from your body? We ask the experts for their views.

Bras Basah Complex used to be a popular haunt for book lovers and xinyao fans. There are now only 11 bookstores left at what used to be fondly known as the "city of books". Join us on our visit to see who are the newcomers who have set up shop there.

Re-employment support on the cards to help retrenched workers: DPM Wong

SPH Brightcove Video
Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong joins the panel, moderated by ST associate editor Vikram Khanna, to discuss the 2023 Budget.

This is to ensure that retrenched workers do not rush into the first job they find, said panellists at a roundtable discussion.


How Budget 2023 will impact the property market

Would higher housing grants for first-timers buying resale HDB flats push up prices?


Who to fire? How the biggest companies plan mass layoffs

Last in, first out? Or do companies target the poor performers?


Do eggs from different countries taste different?

SPH Brightcove Video

With egg prices going up, which one gives you the most bang for your buck?


'Stomach flu' that landed boy in ICU found to be rare disease

“We had thought it was just stomach flu. But over the next 24 to 48 hours, all I kept getting was bad news, one after another," said the mother.


‘Like crouching tigers and hidden dragons’: Bras Basah Complex tenants believe best days still ahead

There are only 11 bookstores left at what used to be fondly known as the “city of books”. But new tenants are moving in.


Do detox diets and cleanses work?

Fasting, going on a liquid diet and taking supplements such as apple cider vinegar - do they really work? We ask the experts.


Invest or stay on the sidelines? Fund managers give their take

What are the opportunities to look out for, amid rate hikes and geopolitical pressures that are changing the investment landscape.


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