Subscriber Picks: What you need to know about the impending GST hike | Heard of 'KonMari for the brain'?

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The Budget statement will be delivered next Friday, and all eyes will be on announcements linked to an impending GST hike.

The Government has assured Singaporeans that measures will be in place to cushion the impact of raising the GST from 7 per cent to 9 per cent. But some are concerned that the hike will further drive up prices amid rising inflation and uncertainty over how the Covid-19 situation may evolve. Should the timing for the GST increase be reset, asks editor-at-large Han Fook Kwang.

In another closely watched development, the Committee of Privileges yesterday released its report on former Workers' Party (WP) MP Raeesah Khan who lied in Parliament. Its recommendations, which included referring WP chief Pritam Singh for further investigations, are expected to be debated when Parliament sits next week.

On a lighter note, executive editor Sumiko Tan met Law Society's new president Adrian Tan for lunch - a "laugh-a-minute affair", in her words. Find out why Mr Tan describes his new role as "the chief cat herder of Singapore". 

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Retiree sues Credit Suisse over $1.6 million in investment losses

At one point, the 68-year-old retiree was told that her shortfall stood at US$300,000, when it was in fact about US$673,000.


'My brain kind of stops functioning': Long working hours leaving young doctors exhausted

While a junior doctor might be in charge of six to 10 patients during a normal shift, this can go up to three wards, or 100 patients, when on call.


'If I were King of S'pore...': Lawyer Adrian Tan lightens critique on life with humour

The new president of the Law Society says lawyers are basically cats, and he is the chief cat herder.


GST hike: Relook timetable in the light of Covid-19 pandemic?

There is never a good time to increase taxes, but are there times that you die, die should not?


COP's final report on Raeesah Khan is not the final chapter to a long-running saga

Parliament will have to decide if it accepts the committee's recommendations, including referring WP chief Pritam Singh to the Public Prosecutor for further investigations.


Managing the pressure of inflation: How bad will it get?

Economists say the situation is set to get worse before it gets better, and implications will vary for different income groups.


No work for more than 6 months: Who are S'pore's long-term unemployed?

One HR expert says these are typically senior white-collar workers whose role can be substituted by lower-paid workers.


Many turn to bullet journaling to get organised, for mental well-being

Some have likened it to "KonMari for the brain". Here's how you can get started.


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