Subscriber Picks: Why more are turning to career coaches | What's a smart way to pay when travelling?

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At the age of 35, Eugene Seah was the vice-president of a Japanese bank, earning $24,000 a month. He was then let go in a restructuring exercise.

"I lost my job, my income and my self-esteem," says the father of three, who is now 46. In search of a second career, he became a life coach.

More people are turning to coaches as they focus more on issues like well-being, work-life harmony and career aspirations. What can coaching do, and how do you find the right coach?

Travel is returning with a vengeance - but don't go rushing to the money changer yet. Besides cash and credit cards, multi-currency e-wallets are a popular option. What are the pros and cons of these payment methods? And the perennial question - should you pay in Singdollar or the local currency?

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Losing his job at 35, bank V-P becomes a life coach and helps others

"I lost my job, my income and my self-esteem," says Eugene Seah, who was earning $24,000 a month but was let go due to a restructuring exercise.


HDB considering open-plan flats to give home buyers flexibility

This would allow flat owners to decide at an earlier stage whether to do away with some walls to make a space larger.


S'pore workers want more flexibility, training and pay - or they will quit

And the bosses, too, are mulling over leaving: 81 per cent of 67 senior executives polled say they plan to resign within these two years, citing poor work-life balance.


Unfortunately, the virus is smart: Pfizer CEO on Covid-19

Remote video URL

"We don't have a crystal ball on when it will end. I think the vaccines will not last forever," said Dr Albert Bourla in an interview with ST.


Cash, card or e-wallet: What is the smarter way to pay when travelling?

Should you choose to pay in Singdollar or the local currency when you are travelling?


'I looked at my hand and wondered how I could support my children': Maid who lost fingers to bakery mincer

"Everything happened very quickly. At first, I didn't feel the pain. My mind was still trying to understand what had happened," said the mother of three.


'I lost everything': Housewife regrets not buying fire insurance

Madam Norizan Abuhassan had to jump from her window with her family when an electrical fire destroyed their two-room flat.


Helicopter Parenting 2.0: Hovering around, yet letting the kids take some risks

Parents are still highly involved but try to give the kids enough space to find their own way.


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