Subscriber picks: More specialists on IP insurance panels - how does it affect you | Is it time to 'retire' retirement?

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Changes were announced this week that will affect some 2.85 million people with Integrated Shield Plans (IPs), the private medical insurance scheme in Singapore.

Among the changes, IP insurers will be increasing the number of specialist doctors on their medical panels. If you have an IP, what do the changes mean for you? While they are a step in the right direction, do they go far enough in offering patients more choices?

Another topic for this week: Is it time to "retire" retirement? With people living longer, would it be better to allow them to choose when they want to stop working?

Not only are people working longer, some are also making a career switch at a later age.

Manpower Minister Tan See Leng, who entered politics last year at 55, said in his interview with executive editor Sumiko Tan: "People say I'm an 'uncle'. So what if I've got a few more wrinkles? That's what makes us human and defines us, right?"

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