Subscriber Picks: Is a recession likely in the next 2 years?

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Is a global recession likely in the next two years?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, speaking at the May Day Rally, said: "Global growth will be weaker, and there may be a recession within the next two years."

With three of the world's largest economies slowing down at the same time, the risks of a global recession have risen, say analysts.

With inflation at record levels in the euro zone and 40-year high in the US, both are staring at the undesirable option of risking a renewed recession by raising the cost of borrowing to counteract soaring prices. In China, the Covid-19 lockdown is contributing to a slowdown. "A recession may actually be a necessary trade-off for lower inflation," says an economist.

Amid this period of higher volatility, what should you do to shield your investment portfolio from inflation? Associate editor Lee Su Shyan gives some options you can consider.

To manage the daily cost of living, house brands by supermarket chains and retailers are also an option that can be cheap and good.

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With three of the world's largest economies slowing down at the same time, the risks of a global recession have risen.


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