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Plus: He's 101 years old - and home alone

“Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that you are ever past your prime." 

Michelle Yeoh's acceptance speech at the Oscars earlier this month inspired many. The reality, however, is most of us (gentlemen included) are likely to peak in our 40s and it takes hard work to avoid career stagnation, say psychologists. "You can work like a mule yet feel like you’re going nowhere," writes Dr Brandon Koh. How can you combat stagnation?

From April 1, Integrated Shield Plans will no longer offer "as charged" cancer coverage. Doctors in private practice are concerned that the coverage would not be enough unless the patients have also bought riders. We summarise the changes for you.

If you are thinking of investing your CPF savings, hear what the experts have to say. In the first two months of this year, Singaporeans invested over $4 billion of their CPF savings into T-bills and fixed deposits. Scroll on and find out more.

IPs will no longer offer 'as charged' cancer coverage from April 1

Doctors in private practice, whose patients will be the most affected by the changes, are concerned that the coverage would not be enough.


Over $4b of CPF funds invested in T-bills and fixed deposits in Jan and Feb

With interest rates on the Ordinary Account staying at 2.5% at least until June, some are looking at other options to grow their retirement savings. 


Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan and the myth of career success at every age

No such thing as past your prime? The truth is - most of us will likely peak in our 40s.


He's 101 - and living alone

“I bathe, wash and iron my clothes myself,” says Wee Chin Choon, whose only daughter died when she was 70.


Runaway teen, sick of family squabbles, left home with just her wallet and ez-link card

Last year, the police issued at least 26 appeals for information on the whereabouts of missing children aged 16 and below.


Bullying scandals cast spotlight on school violence in South Korea

The director of The Glory, a popular drama series exposing the brutality of school violence, was found to have bullied fellow schoolmates in the past.


Long road ahead for any possible US TikTok ban

The US government would have to prove that a ban or forced sale is appropriate and does not violate freedom of speech.


7 best eats at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

SPH Brightcove Video
The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar is open until April 21 with a wealth of great food and drinks to indulge in. From fusion food to extravagant eats and drinks with a difference, there's a lot on offer.

Would you like some praffles - a waffle-meets-prata hybrid - or youtiao topped with Nutella?


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