Subscriber Picks: High income, low wealth: Over half of S'pore adults don’t watch their spending

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Plus: How much coffee should you drink in a day?

Like mothers expecting their newborns, Benecia Ng bought a romper for baby Elkan. But at the same time, she also inquired about infant funeral services.

A routine ultrasound scan in the 12th week of pregnancy dealt a devastating blow to Benecia and her husband Ernest Yeo. Their child had no skull. She was determined to carry the baby to term, even though doctors said the chances of Elkan’s survival were zero. “I could hear his strong heartbeat. It felt like he was fighting for his life,” she recalls.

In 2018, Elkan was born. Six hours later, he was gone. Three years later, the couple suffered another loss when Benecia had a miscarriage. Supporting each other through loss and grief has made their marriage stronger. “We always think the best of each other now,” says Ernest.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, four couples share with us how they found love and kept it going - for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. 


High income, low wealth: Over half of adults here don’t watch their spending

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Do you know how much money you have available to spend each month? Recent research into budgeting habits offers some interesting and perhaps quite worrying insights.

Answer a simple question to see if you know this fuss-free tip that can earn you a little extra cash.


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Why would the Chinese be using such old technology? Essentially because balloons fulfil certain niche functions. 


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