Subscriber picks: How to pick a 'safe' travel destination | Should you be concerned about Omicron XE

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What lies ahead for Grab as it turns 10 this year?

In an exclusive interview with associate editor Ravi Velloor, Grab CEO Anthony Tan talks about the company's shares slump, its digibank launch in Singapore, and what sets Grab apart from the rest of the pack.

More CDC vouchers are coming your way. All Singaporean households will get $100 worth of vouchers by the middle of next month. Check out our guide on the more unusual ways to spend your vouchers. 

Itching to travel but worried about staying safe during your vacation? Infectious diseases specialist Lim Poh Lian, who is in Greece on a work trip, shares tips on how to pick a "safe" destination and what to pack for your trip.

But before that, make sure you have your passport ready well ahead of your trip - the wait is at least a month to get it renewed.

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At 40, Grab chief executive Anthony Tan has miles to go

SPH Brightcove Video
What movies does the CEO of Grab watch? How many points has he chalked up on his Grab app? Find out the answers to these questions, and more.

"The market will be the market, and share price will be the share price," says Anthony Tan on Grab's shares slump.


Omicron XE on its way to Malaysia: What you need to know about the variant

Is it more transmissible, and should you be worried?


The dark side of what silence can do to you, me, us

A man made his wife endure four decades of silent treatment after a minor disagreement. She had meals by herself, watched TV by herself, and was treated as if she were invisible.


Itching to travel? Health expert gives her advice on how to pick a 'safe' destination

Infectious diseases specialist Lim Poh Lian, who is in Greece, shows you what she packed for her work trip to keep herself safe.


Catch flights, not Covid-19: The complete guide to preparing for a trip

We've got you covered - from pre-trip checklist to how to stay Covid-19-free on vacation.


More CDC vouchers coming your way in May: Fun ways to spend them

Besides paying for your hawker meals, you can also use your vouchers on music lessons and baking classes.


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