Subscriber Picks: Freehold condo offers up to $110k in discounts to offload stock | Does sleeping too much lead to cancer?

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Plus:  Buying cannabis was 'like ordering takeout pizza', says ex-abuser

Planning for a Sunday run or some outdoor time with what seems like a brief respite (fingers crossed) from the rainy spell? 

As you bring out the gym top made of high-tech fabric or carbon-plated running shoes, have you wondered if sportswear indeed help to improve your workout? Or is the boost more psychological than real? Scroll on for more on this.

On the topic of health, this article caught my attention: Does sleeping too little, or too much, lead to cancer? Some of us may think the lack of sleep is probably associated more with increased cancer risk. But sleeping too much, apparently, is a problem too. Find out in our regular Doc Talk column.

This week, Sumiko Tan has Teochew braised duck - and bubble tea - for lunch with the folks behind Yew Kee duck rice and the Chicha San Chen bubble tea chain in Singapore. Why did the YKGI group, which specialises in hawker fare, decide to branch out into the competitive bubble tea business?

Hope you enjoy your Sunday - and some sun.


District 10 freehold condo offers up to $110k in discounts to offload stock before ABSD deadline

Royalgreen in Bukit Timah is one of several projects nearing the five-year deadline to sell all their units this year.


Does sleeping too little, or too much, lead to cancer?

This may come as a surprise to you: Studies have shown that sleeping too much is a problem too, at least where cancer risk is concerned.


Man maligned late mother to deny siblings share of her $3m house

The man claimed the house was paid for mostly by him, and not his mother, who died without a will.


Buying cannabis online was 'like ordering takeout pizza', says former abuser

The ex-abuser said suppliers would deliver cannabis close to his home, sometimes tucked behind water pipes and riser cabinets in HDB estates.


‘But you sell duck rice’: Siblings behind Chicha San Chen bubble tea in S’pore on early scepticism

SPH Brightcove Video
Seah Boon Lock transformed Yew Kee Duck Rice into a mini-food empire with more than 70 food and drinks outlets. He's now guiding his children, Qin Quan and Kun Miao, as they run the local Chicha San Chen bubble tea franchise.

"I told my children, ‘if you like bubble tea so much, go find a brand that is different, unique," said Mr Seah Boon Lock, who grew the Yew Kee duck rice brand.


Does sportswear boost sporting performance?

From high-tech fabrics to carbon-plated shoes -  is the boost psychological or real?


Alternative investments for accredited investors

Who can qualify as accredited investors, and what are alternative investments?


The dark side of Roblox: How kids are being manipulated

In a recent case here, a radicalised teen had joined Roblox servers which had virtual worlds that replicated conflict zones occupied by ISIS.


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